JGate Change Log

Recent changes on the JGate platform

Closure Templates for AppJet

With the latest change we added support for Closure Templates. To learn more about this feature read our blog and see the lib-soy library. It contains samples on how to use the new feature.

Introducing The New AppJet.jar Version 1.0.4

Today we are announcing a new version of appjet.jar. It contains fixes for links that still point to appjet.com and features a new RESTful client.

You can now use the platform to build RESTful servers and clients with GET, POST, PUT and DELETE methods, like the new CouchDB client.

See the couchdb-test application for details. You can use the public demo db also for you own tests. We will soon offer a private CouchDB addon for every user.

Return Of The Cron Jobs

With the lastest update, we activated cron jobs again. They were disabled a while ago, because they created an excessive load. This was partly due to coding errors, which spawned jobs again and again.

There are new governor limits to prevent the platform from overloading again:
  • There is a limit of 3 cron jobs per basic account
  • Each application can have one active job.
  • The shortest period for a recurring job is 5 minutes
For details on how to use the cron feature see the API Reference or the demo application cron-demo.


JGate's New Caching Layer

JGate's latest addition is a new ultra-high-performance cache. All hosted AppJet applications automatically leverage the cache for static content. (and dynamic content, if enabled)

If the requested content is available in the cache, the cache responds immediately and the request never reaches the dynamic application. The remaining requests are bundled to further reduce the connection time to the AppJet grid and to improve the overall response times.

Change from Apache to Nginx

JGate is currently getting 2.8 Mio. page views per month. We made the necessary infrastructure changes to cope with the increasing traffic and to improve the latency times.

We did some load tests in which the performance could significantly be improved, especially for static content, by exchanging the Apache front-end servers with non-blocking Nginx servers.

The infrastructure change was on-the-fly and JGate.de is now running on Nginx 0.7.65.

JGate Now with Subversion Revision Control

Today's platform update features integrated source control for all public applications using subversion. Saving a revision of an application is just a click away. Once committed, you can then compare revisions, download old revisions and create deltas. The feature is now enabled for all users and accessible from the IDE toolbar. Toolbar

Commit saves the current version and commits it into the repository.
Revision Log open the revision log.
Revision Log
The revision log lists all committed versions and allows to compare and download then.


New JGate Additions: Blog and Contact Form

Our new blog brings you interesting product news and technical stories regarding JGate and our hosting platform.

The new contact form allows you to contact us by direct message, or by phone from Germany and the US.

We finally added some missing links, like our about page and our privacy policy, all accessible from every page's footer.

There were also some design changes, like the new header banner, inspired by Twitter and hand-drawn in Photoshop, and some optimizations, like the larger application browser and the background sprites.


JGate Email API and Statistics Changes

Happy New Year 2010!

I have just deployed a small platform update, that fixes/changes two things:
  • The statistics are now archived every month and show unpublished applications with their names instead of ******. Deleted applications, that have statistic records are displayed as (deleted).
  • Emails have now a correct sender field in the form noreply@appname.jgate.de

Platform And Application Statistics Added

We have just added this important feature. Use the platform statistics to see how much resources your and the other applications are taking. Use the application statistics to see how your applications are performing and who is referring to it. You can access the platform statistics from the user menu.

To access the application statistics use your dashboard.

Use Bespin Now To Edit Your AppJet Apps

With todays update, the JGate platform defaults to use Bespin as the preferred editor. You can still switch back to use the AppJet editor from the new "My Account" pages. Editing your applications, especially with large files should now be a lot easier.

Happy Coding!
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